For me, making websites is showing how much a certain subject means to me, since I take time to browse sites written in a language I don’t understand, talk to people with a common interest in order to have a second outlook regarding said subject or just read a manual of a program or langague to create dynamic content for my visitors. All of this helps me cherish the subject more while gaining knowledge of different areas; consequently each site listed here is done with love and passion.


Warrior: If asked about my favorite anime character of all times, chances are that I’ll answer Athrun Zala right away and try to make my interlocutor like him too. His complex personality drawn me instantly, his desire to make things right in spite of his own troubles and uncertainties makes him a memorable character: there are times you want to hit or support him, yet the scenario where the problem develops is so complex that one-self asks¬† if it was right to choose this path or to apologize for everything. Besides, he’s a good-looking intelligent young man with a bright future (obviously when it doesn’t involve going undercover) in all areas of expertise: a fine young man, isn’t it?

This site also hosts his animefanlistings.org-approved fanlisting

Only one: If Athrun’s my favorite Gundam SEED character, then Rey Za Burrel is my Gundam SEED Destiny one. At first, he’s the most reserved pilot of Minerva’s pilot: even though he has a cool demeanor, he genuinely cares for the ones he considers family or friends: e.g. Gilbert Dullindal or Shinn Asuka.¬† As the story progresses, Rey is discovered to be clone of Raww Le Klueze; however, he did not inherit his evil traits in spite of being in permanent contact with him. What’s more he has a different outlook on life as he ponders on how one has the right to choose his destiny which marks the difference between human beings. Hence, clone or not, he’s a unique person trying to make a better world for those he cares.

This site also hosts his animefanlistings.org-approved fanlisting

Elite: While reading Minami Maki’s manga S.A Special A, I couldn’t help but reminiscence of my old high-school days. I used to go to a special school with a similar system to S.A’s school -minus the extravaganza and events, obsviously- I certainly did enjoy going there as I learned lots and even cover subjects from university’s curriculm which I wouldn’t have had the chance, had I stayed at my former school. With this manga, I do not only remember the stuff I did back then but also laughing a lot because of the 7 SAers’ antics. Who can’t love this manga?

This site also hosts its animefanlistings.org-approved fanlisting


Nike: Cagalli Yula Attha tribute

TodoGundam: An spanish site dedicated to give an introduction to the whole gundam universe from UC to AD, from Amuro to Setsuna, a recompilation of all things gundam with hopes of getting more peruvian and latinamericans fans.

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